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ClearedRisk provides consultancy services in risk management, covering market risk, liquidity risk, model risk, and regulatory risk.

Financial Regulation

A key service offered by ClearedRisk is to support its clients in understanding regulation, ensuring their governance frameworks, operational processes and risk models are compliant with the legal text. This includes self-assessments against applicable regulations (e.g. CPMI-IOSCO PFMIs, EMIR, UK EMIR, CSDR, Kccp, MiFID/MiFIR, etc.), regulatory applications (e.g. recognition for non-UK CCPs, EMIR Article 49 model change, etc.) and responses to regulatory surveys.

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Risk Management

ClearedRisk offers consulting in risk management, covering all primary types of risk (e.g. market risk, liquidity risk, market liquidity risk, etc.), markets (e.g. interest rates, CDS, commodities, equities, etc.) and exposures (e.g. variation margin, initial margin, stress testing, etc.). The objective is support clients not only with their model developments and use, but also with the policies and procedures governing their risk frameworks and decision-making processes.

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Model Validation

A dedicated service offered by ClearedRisk is model validation, including models in R&D as well as those already in production. These independent validation exercises target internal and regulatory applications and focus on several aspects of the model including, but not limited to, documentation, performance, theoretical soundness and regulatory compliance.

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